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July 14, 2016

Its been years since i logged on to this page. Just do not know what happened and I lost all interest in writing which was my life line once upon a time.

I used to literally breathe my blog. I was so passionate about writing that all my waking hours were spent in thinking about the topics to write.

Was the negative comments from some ones as to “who will read what I am writing, or such a waste of time or No one is interested in reading what I write or its just sheer nonsense” demotivated me or  something other. But the fact remains that I stopped writing and expressing my views

Then suddenly the life came to a standstill. I carried on with my daily life.

and today out of the blue moon I just thought of visiting my own page and

Voila 🙂 i am  here as if arisen from ashes

I cannot believe that i was alive for all these years. Or was I really breathing or just posing to be alive. 🙂

but whatever may be , I am here once again to stay.

I wish myself all the best .



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