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parents of yesterday and today

October 8, 2011

Watching a hindi serial and for a change it is showing harsh reality of life—parents go to any extent to give love and fulfill all wishes of children and they want their children to love them but the same parents forget that they also have their parents who expect the same from them. Why this contradiction? People want their children to love, respect them but the same parents become a stranger to their own parents

Reminds me of a old story which my father used to tell me

Old father feeling cold so the son along with his wife asks his small son (grandson) to give a old tattered blanket to the grandfather

The small child tears the blanket into half and gives half to grandfather and tells his father that the other half is for him when he will become old


Why are we so selfish?

Parents want the best for their children; they feel proud at the smallest achievement of their children, they share sleepless nights with their children during exams or during the sickness of children

The same parents how can they just close their eyes, hearts and mind to the fact that even their own parents had been through the same drill when the second generation parents were young.

Do they think that they are the only parents in this earth who are concerned about their children? ?


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  1. Surya kannan permalink
    October 9, 2011 12:22 am

    It is better to be raised in rags with harsh living conditions so that the younger generation would understand the value of love in its pure non-judgmental form.

    The mad race for materialistic acquisition makes people to discard even their own parents. And they are sending them to old-age homes. Physical presence and compassion for their lost and lonely parents at the twilight of their lives is very important than the decimal point and dollar sign.

    It is high-time grand parents are given the same love and care when during our infancy they gave their all time and effort in raising us.

  2. October 11, 2011 2:54 pm

    I feel most people do care for their parents, and those who don’t,
    1. Either are the kind who have getting along issues with everybody else. Many abusive husbands, for example, have poor relations with their own parents too.
    2. Or sometimes the men are brought up to care for their parents,but not taught to anything on their own. They expect their wives to do everything, including providing companionship. (‘Fire’ has scenes that describe it best). This dependence and expectation from the wife, results in parents’ neglect.
    3. Sometimes they have seen abuse of elders in their family and they imbibe it without being taught.
    4. Sometimes there has been anger, bitterness, resentment from younger years, when maybe another child was treated as a favorite,or the adult-child was forced to marry against their wishes etc.
    5. I have heard children/their spouses feeling unhappy about the parents not supporting in child care when it was needed, the resentment/bitterness remains, and affects the way they care for their parents in old age.
    6. And then there are those who value their comfort too much, and find it difficult to take out time if they don’t see/fear any repercussions.
    Just thinking aloud, wondering how it happens…

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