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child sexual abuse — can we do any thing about it?

February 16, 2011

I am too stunned to react to the news that appeared in a daily that a 8 -year-old girl from a slum in Mumbai repeatedly complained last month that her teacher was “touching and fondling her private parts,”. When the girl’s parents complained, the principal called them “regressive” and blamed them for damaging the school’s reputation. The girl now stays at home to help cook and clean, her school bag lying in a locked cupboard, her scholastic career over


Daily there are cases of sexual abuse of children all over India. Most of them go unreported and people are unaware of it but child abuse is there in all sections of society. Even the higher stratum of society which is considered to be the educated and most progressive section of the society is actively involved in it.

The silence from the victim and her/his family encourages the abuser to feel that he  is safe to sexually abuse.

The worst part is most of the children are not aware that they are being abused and the children are growing up not knowing their rights have been violated. Most of the victims bury the abuse as a painful and shameful memory never to be told to anyone.

Children are expected to respect and obey authority figures such as parents, teachers, guidance counselors and principals and not question their actions and due to their innocence and blind faith in the elders that they don’t realize that they are being sexually abused and by the time they realize the shame and the fear makes them suffer the torture in silence.

I really shudder to think of the psychological consequences and the scars left by such perverted acts of the elders.

One more thing if these perverted elders want to satisfy their sexual urges why do they have to spoil the life of such innocent buds, why can’t they find partners of their own age?

Following are some of the links of news items appeared in news papers regarding sexual abuse of children in the last few days

MUMBAI: A 35-year-old man from Chembur was arrested for raping and sodomising a 10-month-old infant. The accused, Ramkisan Surajmal Harijan, a resident of Mankhurd-Ghatkopar Link Road, took the baby away on Tuesday night on the pretext of babysitting her after which he raped  her.

Child abuse cases in city on the rise – The Times of India

NEW DELHI: The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has received 75 cases of child abuse, including cases of corporal punishment upto October 31, with the highest number being reported from the national capital and Uttar Pradesh.
75 cases of child abuse reported this year – The Times of India )



what can we as the concerned population of our country do to save these children?




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  1. Satwinder Singh permalink
    February 16, 2011 8:46 pm

    Yes, we can indeed do quite a bit. Educating our children is the first step, teaching them things such as avoiding strangers, or not letting people touch them, etc. Next should be to make sure that children are not being left with people who cannot be trusted[drivers, caretakers, etc]. Then if a teacher or headmaster is caught[which I agree may be difficult] then he should be given the harshest punishment possible.

    Awareness generation is the key. And we should adopt a zero-tolerance approach. As long as the criminal knows that he can escape easily by paying a small fine, child abuse will continue.

  2. April 25, 2011 5:05 pm

    yes i too agree with the comments. we can indeed to quite a bit. we can prevent our child by educating them to keep distance from other sex groups. nowadays some parents used their own daughters to have sex. i read so many news like this within a month. if any one caught the punishment will be severe. In type of publishing the abuser face and the punishment given to them in medias. then only it create awareness. me too wants to stop this type of abuse completely.

  3. teresa marinelli permalink
    May 5, 2011 9:44 am

    we have a nine yr old sexually abused grandaughter living with us. It has been a yr and nothing is being done can you help us

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