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Is Academic degree the only needed educations?

December 29, 2009

Two conversations/incidence which I just happened to overhear and witness while on my regular grocery shopping mission

  1. saw a one young man around 23-24 years, in formal dress, with a laptop bag on the shoulders ( surely some fresh out of college IT Professional) buying vegetables from my local vegetable seller. This is how the conversation went —-

what vegetable is this” ? and “what is that” pointing fingers at different vegetables

Oh aunty” ( to me, an unknown lady as I was standing nearby ) with a sheepish smile  “can you please tell me how to make beans or cabbage. You see we are a group of boys staying near by. Today we planned to cook at home but we know just the basics of cooking, please help me ,”

Scene 2

  1. a young girl  (  who had shifted in my neighborhood as her office was in near vicinity) at my local grocery store talking to the shop keeper

Uncle khana banana ko kya kya saman chahiye? ( What all is needed to cook at home). “ Ok give what ever you think is necessary to make Rice, dal and chole”

Shop keeper ,” Rai, Jeera bhi du kya ( Should I give mustard seeds and cumin seeds)

Girl , “ No, itna fancy cooking nahi karna hai, just routine, ( nothing fancy or elaborate cooking , just for routine)

Both the incidences with one thing in common — young professionals, just out of student life, thrown into the world of employment , who have till now spent all their time in mugging up the books and concentrated on making a career. But now facing the challenges of life with cooking as one of them

This reminded me of my mother during my college days. Daily we used to have arguments over this. She used to be after my life, “ learn cooking, nahi to dusare ke ghar jaakar kya karegi? ( what will you do when go to other house, after marriage) and my father always used to come to my rescue , “ she will learn ,let her finish her studies”

And frankly after marriage when I used to have cooking mishaps I used to regret not paying heed to my mother. There were times I threw the cooked vegetables in the dustbin because they were just not worth eating.

I know it is unreasonable to expect the students these days to learn cooking or such things while slogging day in and day out with books and with so much competiton around

But I feel once they have finished their education and before embarking on the new field of job or married life, then should spend some time in learning these basic things

And the responsibilities of teaching lies on the mothers (no gender issue on this even father can do it if they want) but mothers are more knowledgeable.

Will it not be better if Mothers teach their children the basics of cooking and home management with the same zeal, determination, passion and intensity as they taught them the alphabets and nursery rhymes?

It is not necessary that mothers have to make the children expert and proficient cooks or home managers but at least encourage them and acquaint them with the fundamentals of necessities

and of course the young boys and girls both should learn this with the same  perseverance and diligence the way they do their assignments.

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  1. December 29, 2009 5:08 pm

    Haha 🙂
    Definitely, everyone should get basic education of every aspect of life be it cooking, bank work, primary education, sex education, mannerism, etc.
    Pamper your kids but pamper to prepare them to face the world.
    Although, there is always a first time for everything and no matter how much one learns, at some or the other time in life he/she will seek advice and help.
    Living in India, I have seen a person always there at petrol pump for you to fill in your car or a boy waiting at air pump to inflate your car wheels and I have seen them doing it but when it came to me to do that in US for the first time, despite of my brother telling me once how to do, I was stuck and I had to seek help.
    The only difference is I knew the basics but I had never done so had to take help. So in my opinion, every one should at least know the basics. This article reminded me of the scene from the movie “Mohabbatein”, Kim Sharma’s 1st scene and she fights with the shopkeeper for a candy that when she came it was for some xx Rs and she will pay the same xx amount and shopkeeper is saying that Mam this candy is now for yy Rs which was less than xx but poor Kim Sharma didn’t know that yy was less than xx and was ready to pay more LOL

  2. December 30, 2009 8:13 am

    Ha! Ha! Some bookworms these…

    Making dal-chawaal, khichdi, etc is no big deal. Sometimes people… some folks that is, try to act like that. In bengali we call them ‘nyaka’.

    P.S. Wish you a wonderful year ahead…!

    • December 30, 2009 1:25 pm

      we are producing and encouraging the growth of book worms only . ( i.e why people are identifying with 3 idiots).
      our whole concentration is on gaining the bookish knowledge
      there is no training for the practical and real life

  3. December 30, 2009 3:13 pm

    yes, this happens always ,this conversation is common.
    i can only say mothers should from boys childhood should teach the cooking to boys as well as girls also.
    nice article
    happy new year.

  4. December 31, 2009 12:18 pm


  5. A_wandering_mind permalink
    January 12, 2010 4:34 am

    I have to confess to being one of those educated IT professional who did not learned cooking! Do I regret not doing it? Sometimes yes. Well now I am a basic cook and what I learned till now basically comes from my husband! He is a very good cook and he loves cooking!

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