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Kurbaan—- anti Muslims?

November 24, 2009

Saw Karan Johar’s Kurban the other day.

I am neither a film critic nor I am trying to change my profession to journalism but feel compelled to write my views on just one aspect of  this so called super hit movie of the year.

These are purely my views. No offence meant to any person or religion

No comments on the film/story/acting/direction/music etc.

Its just that I feel that the movie has shown Muslims in a poor light.

After seeing this movie many people will become wary of having a Muslim as their neighbour or for that matter befriending a Muslim.

and every one will generalize from this and all Muslims will be seen with a look of suspicion.

None of the Muslim characters shown in the movie (except for Riyaaz played by Vivek Oberoi or Saif that too only when he comes to know that Kareena is carrying his child) has any positive aspect to their personality, no white or even lighter shade to their credit.

The only thing that the movie has highlighted is how some Muslims can play on people’s life and emotions to fulfill their ambitions and take their revenge.

We do have 26/11 of Mumbai, bomb blasts in various cities of Mumbai as live examples of what can terrorists (incidentally all of them are Muslims) do to harm the human lives. so I am not denying that almost all terrorist acts have been committed by them

but when it comes to showing it in a movie which is viewed by every one ( we had many foreigners watching this movie in the theater) I think some thing should be there in the movie which can leave a positive impact on people.

I wonder won’t people will think twice before renting out premises to them? Won’t they feel what if they plan terrorist activities in the premises ?

More so I saw this movie sitting in USA which is the basis of this movie.

Nothing in the movie generates sympathy for Islam ( Am I sounding like pro Muslim and pro Islam)

but its just that I feel bad for all those people are good at heart and have nothing to do with terrorism or with this particular section of society.

They may have to suffer for the deeds of some perverted and sadistic lot.

But I suppose this is another harsh reality of life. some one else pays for the deeds of others

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  1. November 24, 2009 3:07 pm

    Although I haven’t seen the movie, but I firmly believe in one thing…

    Not all Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are Muslims. I myself am a Hindu and have been born and brought up in a very multi cultural environment hence can share my thoughts.

    Will comment again once I also see the movie, until then I’ll keep this post at the back of my mind.

  2. November 24, 2009 6:13 pm

    Good thoughts Anju. I haven’t seen the movie but am sure you have a point. However, our society also needs to address a very important issue before judging any community or religious groups: what attratcts them to terrorism and are we as a majority somehow contributing to it by alienating a whole group?
    And I have heard so much anti-muslim comments when I was India last year. Somthing has really happened in the 17 years I left India…people are looking at them as the reason for terrorism…but why is it so? Are they getting equal opportunities? Are they being made to feel as if they are equal to all Indians?

    Somewhere, somehow, something went wrong. And so long as we don’t address the root problem here, we will have these problems,.

    We need to move past these prejudiced views .

    • November 25, 2009 5:33 am

      i think mostly there is no discrimination except for some housing societies or educational institutes run by some special religious group that have some reservations regarding religion or some state wise preferences.
      but it is true most of the people have become scared of any one with a Muslim name

  3. November 25, 2009 5:06 am

    Haven’t watched the movie… no plans either.

    btw… do you think 26/11 was an incident of terror was do you think it was part of a bigger game plan… ????

    • November 25, 2009 5:25 am

      obviously 26/11 was well planned with big intentions but all those who planned it were muslims

  4. November 25, 2009 6:06 am

    I have not seen the movie yet.From the reports in India I understand that it is not a hit
    A movie here and a movie there does not make much of a difference.
    It is more important that the civil society must join hands to remove the feeling of insecurity from the community and Muslim leaders also must join hands with others to set the record straight.
    All communities are as good but for whatever reasons,senior Muslim leaders have a great role to play.

  5. Priya permalink
    November 25, 2009 8:50 am

    I did not see the movie but what ever any movie depicts..This perception is there in the whole world is that all the muslims are bad and they plan terroist activities…there are hundreds of movies which depict that do not treat muslims the way they are….I hope if u have seen the movie called Aamir in which it shows that the guy is checked in airport almost 10times because his name shows he is a muslim and no body over there helps him…Do we actually help him no…so i dont think discussions lead to anywhere cause we are scared of asking that “this guy being a muslim does not look so why are you guys bothering him”..if some one is being bothered for no reason we sit and see…and if some one is not being punished then also we dont ask we sit and see…all we do is sit and watch thats it….

    26/11 what ever it was…does that mean if he is been made to shoot at some one means that they wont hang him…No right..still he deserves to be hanged then why are you giving him so much of encourage ppl to do more terrosit activities so that they can motivate more ppl to get into this…we never question…and ppl who question no body supports them…their comments or editiorials are printed in a small box in the newspaper…

    I dont think all the muslims are bad…what is bad is we dont let the reality to be known..we teach partion happend cause of Jinnah but we dont teach to kids what jinnah wanted and what did he ask for…We teach kids that Gandhiji is assasinated…we dont teach why? we don’t bring the words of nathuram godse into the world…we ban his books his plays…so we teach half of the reality… and even a second class kid in India says i hate pakistani’s…Parents become too proud saying good good keep it up…they wont say no u should not…pakistani’s are good…we teach them they learn it…so its a vicious circle for this life from which no one can save….

    SO whether they are good or bad they pay the price not because some one is bad they pay price because we make perceptions and those perceptions are what we teach to our next generations…and thats why they pay price for it….

  6. aleem azmi permalink
    November 25, 2009 10:30 am

    first i havent seen the movie kurbaan ….. but i wud like to ask one question from u anju mam….. that born muslim is become sin? if any blasts occured people led to talk these thing must be happened by muslims…. but mam just think every community have corrupted person few are frm my side ….some of …frm ur side…. but why people frm urs community talk abt our whole community ….is it gud for democratic country where different community is living??? one thing i wud like to explain u frm the view point of holy “QURAAN SHAREEF” mulk aur har bande se pyaar hi sachchi vatanprasti hai aur ek achcha imaan waala…. if these things were written in holy book ….why people from our community ….goes beyond Allah whatever said in holy book… there is only one thing ….nor ur bad n me only politics of india have more corruption to search an gud issue and ruled ….most of bad politician they usually used that topics where maximum emotions shuld b there so that they can played gud innings in the field of politics….they are not well wishers for me n u only n only think beneficial for himself…. one facts is absolutely true that every members frm every community wants…” Mail jol se rehna aur khushiya batna” but it cant happen until bad politics of the country removed…
    so hates corrupted politician not frm people woh is living along wid u and sharing all the moments whatever happening at that time….
    love…insaaniyat …yehi mera Naara hai ….if every body love insaniyat nobody can divert our path from one way….may Allah .God. Bhagwaan …gave us some sense to thinks about insaaniyat ….Aameen
    Anju am sure u must ciriticise about my thoughts whatever i have wrote above…. this is my mail id send me urs view about it….
    God bless and keep u always happy and cheerful life
    aleem azmi

  7. November 25, 2009 3:41 pm

    I still haven’t seen this movie.. And I have no idea what this movie is about. But I would agree with what Ashish said. “Not all Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are Muslims”. I am reminded of the movie, Main Hoon Na in which Suneil Shetty shoots 9-10 muslims without even asking anybody. Well, actually that has become our mindset. We have become villians. Frankly speaking, even I sometimes think like this. Whenever I see a muslim (with long beard and that cap which they wear) in any mall, I get scared. Thats because we have assumed that all muslims are terrorists. It is sick. Really sick. Delhi blasts, Mumbai blasts, twin tower tragedy… all of them have muslims behind it. Cant really help it. They have scared the shit out of us and the poor innocent muslims have to face it all. Sad it is. But thats what the reality is. As I said, even I dread muslims. And until and unless, I hear something good that they did, it will be difficult to change the mindset..

  8. November 25, 2009 3:45 pm

    By the way, this is my new blog. I will be very glad if you keep following my blog. Your comments are really imp…

    PS: my prev blog : Life, through my eyes will still exist. However, both the logs will be used for diff purposes.


    You have always been a valuable visitor..


  9. November 26, 2009 4:27 am

    Havent seen the movie,but I dont think its important,like that movie from nandita das..Firaq showed as if all hindus are bad..what matters is the reality…kehteha na gehuke saath ghun bhipista ha……….since mostof the terrorists are muslims,the wholecommunity is getting a bad name,now the onus is on community to weed out bad elements from them.

  10. December 16, 2009 1:21 pm

    Generalisations are unfair. it is not possible for an entire community to be dangerous, and I agree this sort of discrimination specially in housing spcieties is common. Generally one doesn’t give the real reason- but excuses are made to keep Muslims out of Housing Societies in Mumbai-Pune. This is so common that I am puzzled by those who deny it. I have heard friends complain, “My society is nice but there are too many Muslims, I am scared…” All this started after 1992-93. It’s obvious that not just the terror attacks but the rioting and killing that followed the Babri Maszid demolition started this fear and the bias.

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