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yes I did it

May 3, 2009

I am feeling very proud that I did vote. I was finally able to overcome my confusion regarding whether to vote or not. Although, it was not an easy decision especially with my other half being totally against it. But Yes I did it. I even managed to drag my somewhat stubborn other half to the polling booth and exercise one of our fundamental right.
Like millions of Indians even I am not very much convinced with our political system. We all know that who so ever comes in power is not going to bring about drastic change in our surroundings or put India on the top ladder of world map .But then just to sit and do nothing and blame others is not the solution.
But there has to be a beginning. So I contributed my micro bit in the process of making a better India with the hope and expectation that something good will come out of it.
I don’t know who was more responsible for changing my mind regarding casting my vote. Whether it was my father in law who after every half an hour was pushing me to go and vote or the excitement of my son who went to vote for the very first time and was proudly flaunting his middle finger with a long ink mark on it or was it to see group of people or the general attitude of people on the road who were anxiously waiting in long queues despite the scorching sun or I deep in my heart also wanted to proudly admit to others that Yes I did vote and condemn the ones who didn’t.
It was a tough decision to select from the long list of 19 contestants (can’t believe there were 19, as we only knew 2 heavy weight champions in the political arena. From where did these 17 with such hilarious symbols to their credit popped up?) This made me wonder were they not aware that they stand no chance of getting even 1% of the total vote casted. So why did they fill up the nomination form and deposited the security. Was it the thrill of seeing their names on the contestants list, or to become a permanent part of history or there was some ulterior motive of some of some involved parties?
I don’t want to dwell upon the intricacies of my selection of the candidate as it was very tough to choose between the party and the candidate. The party whose ideologies doesn’t appeal to me was being represented by one of the well known persons of our country who is intelligent and rather new in this battle of politics and is with pragmatic ideas. And I am not sure whether the party whom I voted for will really do something for us?
But yes, I am feeling very proud that I am one of those 41% odd voters who exercised their option and not one of the rest of the 59% who chose not to vote and now will just criticize each and every act of the Government and Look down upon politics.
One thing which I couldn’t understand was about one lakh polling agents didn’t vote although they were on the duty at different polling booths. These agents were given the option of postal ballots long before then why didn’t they use it. And all these one lakh agents comprises the educated strata of our society. If they were amongst the uneducated lot one could understand that they were not able to understand and follow the instructions given to them regarding postal ballot. But why these people did not select their party and candidate is beyond my imagination
Now when the excitement of election fever is dwindling and result fever is mounting up. I just pray that who so ever comes in power will for a change think about the country and its people first rather than think about himself and his family.

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  1. Ms. Neha Gandhi permalink
    May 3, 2009 4:14 pm

    m proud of u mummy for voting… and regretful, that i did/could not 😦

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