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April 21, 2009

With elections round the corner and election fever scaling new heights daily, most of the educated and enlightened people are confused , whether to vote or not? and If yes then whom to vote for? same is the case with me
If the candidate is good then the party to which he belongs doesn’t come up to my expectations and if I like the party ( conditioned right from childhood to favour a particular one by parents) then the candidate from my area representing this party is ill reputed with shady background and history behind him.
So what should I do? vote for the party and forget about the candidate. Let me strengthen the hands of party and bring them to power. Anyways he is not going to do any thing for my area. He will not visit even once the people who will put him on high pedestal and indirectly help him realise his dreams of making money by corrupt means. Or select the candidate who seems promising ( at least now) who claims to have revolutionary plans for his constituency. But if I vote for him that means I am supporting the party who is notorious for its racist policies and attitude.
Come to think of it all our political parties and the candidates are good for nothing . every one is concerned about promoting their families, relatives and friends and adding to their already filled to brim pockets.
No one seems to know what is the actual job our Member of Parliament do or are supposed to do. At least I am not aware of it. and I was surprised to read in today’s newspaper that majority of our voters are not aware of it. For that matter election Commissioner was also not very forthcoming regarding it. And even the ministries of Law and justice and Parliamentary affairs had a clue.
There is no fixed guidelines for duties and responsibilities of Member of Parliament any where. Even the election manifesto of political parties is mum about it.
In this scenario where the elders and seasoned voters are confused about the whole issue what guidelines and advice can they give to the over excited youngsters who are going to franchise their right of voting for the first time.
Today when I, myself is in a dilemma regarding voting, how can I encourage my son to go and exercise his fundamental right for the first time?

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  1. Neha Gandhii permalink
    April 21, 2009 5:22 pm

    i totally agree with u on this one…there is no case such that the party and the candidate both have a clean chit…

    stars and celebrities are endorsing the right to vote…by why is no one endorsing the right to having a corruption-free party and an equally postive candidate.

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